Call for donations

Posted On : 15 May 2020

Priccilar Vengesai


During this unfortunate yet important lockdown, women are silently suffering as their peculiar issues are not being addressed. Women need food and sanitary pads. Furthermore after lockdown they will have to continue with their informal businesses and pay school fees for their children. These issues remain paramount during the lockdown and aftermath. It is a reality that some households in Zimbabwe are female led. More so, women are primary care givers as they are responsible for preparing meals in their homes. Majority of women in Zimbabwe are into informal trading as such the lockdown has deprived them of their sources of income and there is no significant assistance coming their way in this regard. In the event that the lockdown ends women may not be able to resuscitate their informal business without a bailout fund. Neither will they be able to pay school fees for their children or their medication. As an organisation, fighting for the rights of women, we are deeply concerned. We are, therefore, seeking donations to assist women with basic food and sanitary pads and bailout funds. Any kind of donation will be greatly appreciated.