Priccilar Foundation For Women

Vision: To be a centre where women are helped to break free from their cultural limitations.

Mission: To help women discover their potential through training, research, advocacy and litigation.

Motto: Countering beliefs, setting her free.

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Our Mandates

  • To identify cultural practices that are a threat to women's rights
  • To facilitate litigation for women that are disadvantaged because of culture
  • To enhance life skills to the culturally trapped women
  • To mobilise resources for culturally disadvantaged women.
  • To advocate and lobby for policy change on issues to do with women and culture
  • To assist women to know their rights and know how to protect themselves against abuse
  • To provide psychological support and counselling to traumatised women.
  • To do anything necessary and connected to the attainment of the stated objectives.
  • Child Marriages


    Lobola (Bride Prize) Culture & The Equality Of Women In Zimbabwe

    #New #Lobola #Trending

    They say bride prize is our culture, i say women's rights must be our culture


    Ongoing Project: Abolition of Lobola

    #OnGoingProject #AbolitionOfLobola #New

    They say lobola is our culture, we say women's rights must be our culture.


    From 16 Days of Activism to 366 Days of Activism


    Origin of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign


    A Solution To Women Abuse:


    This Domestic Violence Act is there to protect people from being abused within the framework of their homes


    Women Are Victims Of Lobola


    Man dumps wife over lobola